Cyprus Problem | Will Güzelyurt Be Sacrificed?

Cyprus Problem – Will Güzelyurt Be Sacrificed?

According to the Kibris newspaper (11.10.13) TRNC Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ozdil Nami, is quoted as saying that the map of territory expected to be used in the current round of negotiations is not expected to be much different from the one used in the Annan Plan. In the map submitted then, Güzelyurt (Morphou) was to be given to the Greek Cypriots.

I have a feeling that 10 years after this original map was agreed on by Turkish Cypriots, residents of Güzelyurt will be less happy with being relocated. The main reason for this is that up until 2004 there was little investment into the area but after the Greek Cypriot rejection of the plan, this changed.

According to Volkan newspaper (11.10.13) the Democratic Party-National Forces (DP-UG) deputy, Zorlu Tore, is planning to start visiting Güzelyurt residents warning them of the dangers to their property if the current talks are based on the Annan plan.

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