Cyprus Problem | Where Now For TRNC Union With South?

Cyprus Problem | Where Now For TRNC Union With South?Cyprus Problem | Where Now For TRNC Union With South?

I guess someone has to say it. Why would the Turkish Cypriot TRNC want to join with the south in order to become a United Cyprus? For all its faults, compared to the debt-ridden south, the north will be seen as relatively economically stable. That is if the current government manages to organise itself and take advantage of the golden opportunities that could be coming its way in the near future. Put bluntly, why on earth would the north want to share the south’s massive debt?

One of the reasons that Turkish Cypriots put forward as an incentive for such a union is the benefit of EU entry. Putting aside the disarray that currently affects the EU, listening to reaction in the south, it seems as if Greek Cypriots believe this not a benefit at all and there is a growing call for leaving the EU. Economists are warning that Russians will be withdrawing their billions and that the south will be in recession for decades, according to the EU Business website.

Even worse, economist Castas Apostolides is a representative of a movement which is talking about calling the ‘Europe’s bluff’ and not accepting the bailout conditions. He, like many of the ‘No!’ camp, have no alternative strategy except the expectation that the south should be given the money without strings, or without even the expectation that it would ever be paid back.

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