Cyprus Problem | Turkish Warships off Famagusta, North Cyprus

Cyprus Problem - Turkish Warships off Famagusta, North CyprusCyprus Problem – Turkish Warships off Famagusta, North Cyprus

Halkin Sesi newspaper (06.12.13) reports that three Turkish warships have anchored at Famagusta Port and are there in order to protect the Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha seismic vessel from being attacked. Barbaros is carrying out explorations for oil and natural gas in the Mediterranean. According to the Kibris Manset News Website, the three warships are the Goktepe F-494 Frigate, the P-330 Torpedo Boat and an Inebolu vessel that carries fuel.

Considering previous information about vessels in the area, I’m taking this information with a pinch of sea salt. Checking for warships is unhelpful as they are not tracked. For example, HMS Westminster should be in Gibralta but is cited as being in Plymouth and the date of that location is June 2013. However, it would be surprising if Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha did not have such protection.

Reporters of Kibris Menset have reportedly observed “a remarkable activity” at the port. According to this source ‘army officers’ told reporters that their mission was the protection of Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha seismic exploration vessel. A non-commissioned officer reportedly said they had been at the port for some time and when they leave, other ships will replace them. “Barbaros Hayrettin is in the Mediterranean now and we in the port are waiting for it to carry out explorations.”


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