Cyprus Problem | The EU Presidency Song

Cyprus Problem – well this is exciting news, the YouTube blurb for the song below, sung partly in Greek and partly English, says it all:

“Stavros Hadjisavvas, a well-known song writer and singer has his own way for welcoming fellow Europeans on the occasion of the assumption of the presidency of the European Union by the Republic of Cyprus. Working together with leading poet and writer Leonidas Malenis, who wrote the… lyrics, Stavros has recorded a special song to welcome Europe back to its own old home.

The song under the title ” You are welcome friends to Cyprus” is interpreted by Stavros himself, in four versions (Greek — English, modern Greek, English and the Greek-Cypriot dialect).

Come on, sing along with the lyrics. I believe this will be as big a hit as the Greek Cypriot Presidency

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