Cyprus Problem | The ‘Downer Plan’ Last Ditch Effort

Cyprus Problem – The ‘Downer Plan’ Last Ditch Effort

Just as it looked as if the talks would fizzle out completely, two initiatives have come to light. Firstly, the north have come up with a ‘New Proposal‘ and secondly, something called the ‘Downer Plan‘ has been proposed should the talks fail.

The ‘New Proposal‘ was apparently expected to be accepted by the south but after it was revealed on Saturday the south’s spokesperson, Christos Stylianides, blamed Turkish Cypriots for “extreme and intransigent” positions, adding that President Nicos Anastasiades was unwilling to now enter into talks “for the sake of talks.”

The ‘New Proposal‘ proposes a single representation in international platforms but joint sovereignty on the island that includes the rights of both Turks and Greeks.

“With this formula, both sides will have equal rights and no side will have hegemony over the other side,” an official from the north said.

The same official said that if the ‘New Proposal‘ fails due to the south’s rejection, the UN will put another plan forward, called the ‘Downer Plan‘.

“Currently, there are other formulas in Downer’s mind. However, we have proposed this new formula now, to show our willingness to solve the matter. But if our proposal is rejected, Downer’s plan will be brought to the agenda. This is our last bona fide proposal. We will not go beyond this,” the official said.

So there you are, it’ll be the ‘Downer Plan‘ and when that fails it’ll be the end of talks forever, in my opinion.

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