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Just received an email saying there will be a meeting in which feedback will be given on the progress (or lack of it) of the Cyprus Talks in New York on 22nd January.  This event, however, does not appear on The British All Party Parliamentary Group on Cyprus (APPG) website at so watch this space. The APPG consists of a group of British MPs who, according to the website:

“wish to create a high profile networking relationship between the two countries (Britain & Cyprus) so that British, Greek and Maronite Parliamentarians who have representation in the House of Representatives, have the opportunity to share information, experiences and knowledge, which in turn will stimulate good working practises and in time following a solution to the Cyprus problem Turkish Cypriot Parliamentarians. In addition to this, we hope to increase the friendship and cultural understanding of Cyprus in the British Parliament, which may successively influence a positive attitude to Cyprus within government and can then be utilised as a support networking mechanism between the two countries. All of the above will assist in parliamentary duties to fulfil obligations towards their constituents, where applicable.”

On reading this I’m left confused as to who these “Greek” Parliamentarians are and what they have to do with the Greek Cypriot House of Representatives? There seems to be a hint that whoever wrote this blurb believes that Cyprus is Greek. There is also a hint that Turkish Cypriot representation on the island will only be worth considering “following a solution to the Cyprus problem.”

Anyway, there is a meeting on the 25th January 2012 when an update will be given concerning the New York meeting between the Two Presidents. This is the content of the email kindly sent by Emel Djevdet, Chair of Embargoed!.

“David Burrowes – The Chairman of The British All Party Parliamentary Group on Cyprus welcomes the Minister from Cyprus on Foreign Affairs – Dr Erato Kazakou Marcoullis to parliament for a meeting with the APPG on Cyprus.

This will be an open meeting and the public & media and organisations & affiliated associations are invited to attend and interact. The meeting will be chaired by David Burrowes MP and will take place on the Wednesday 25th January 2012 in Committee Room 10 at 3: PM. The Minister, Dr Erato Kazakou Marcoullis will provide us with an update on the latest developments following the UN meeting in New York and also information on the other areas of concern to the APPG on Cyprus.”

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