Cyprus Problem | Talks Coming To An End Forever?


Cyprus Problem | Talks Coming To An End Forever?

Mr Eroglu stated in a BRT article, he has no intention of letting the talks to solve the CYPROB go on forever. Many may think they have gone on for too long already. The failure of the Annan Plan was a body blow to many people of the TRNC who voted in favour of it.

Stability and a clear path for the future is what the TRNC people want and need. TRNC elections are just around the corner. Let us hope that the future Government sees the need for stability for the people as paramount.

Whilst instability and fear for the future remains nothing can be achieved.


President Derviş Eroğlu has given clear messages regarding a possible new negotiations process following next month’s Presidential elections in South Cyprus. Eroğlu said that the Cyprus Turkish Side had no intention of sitting at the negotiating table for another 44 years.

Speaking during visits paid to him yesterday, President Derviş Eroğlu reminded that the Cyprus Issue was the joint cause of Turkey and the TRNC.

He said that the aim of the Cyprus Turkish Side was to either reach a settlement that would allow the people of the TRNC to live in peace and security or to create a more prosperous state.

“Perhaps the Greek Cypriots will acknowledge the reality that there is a separate state and people living in the North of the island so that they can adopt a more compromising stance at the negotiating table and we can reach a solution. If that doesn’t happen, the current situation where there are two states on the island will continue” he added.

He said that although the Cyprus Turkish Side had other alternatives in the event the negotiations process failed to yield any results, its primary goal was to reach a settlement.

The President also expressed his view that the just struggle and cause waged by the Cyprus Turkish people will eventually be acknowledged by the world with the support of motherland Turkey.

Meanwhile, the UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor Alexander Downer is in Cyprus for contacts on both sides of the island.

The UN Special Envoy will be received by President Derviş Eroğlu on Tuesday, the 15th of January.

Downer who met with the Greek Cypriot leader Demetris Christofias yesterday is expected to prepare a report for the UN Secretary General at the end of his contacts on the island.



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