Cyprus Problem | North Still Supports 2004 Annan Plan

Cyprus Problem | North Still Supports 2004 Annan PlanCyprus Problem – North Still Supports 2004 Annan Plan

According to the Realist-Kulis newspaper (31.01.14) which published an opinion poll conducted by the Cyprus Social and Economic Surveys Centre (KADEM) on the behalf of the paper, if a referendum on the old Annan plan was conducted, 58.8% of Turkish Cypriots would vote again in favour of it. The highest positive response comes from the İskele District with 63.2%, and the lowest from Güzelyurt with 49%, which is the same percentage as the original voting in 2004.

Unfortunately there is no comparative opinion poll for the south where 76% rejected the Annan Plan in 2004. Personally, I find it strange that there has been no effort to see if Greek Cypriot attitudes have changed or to see what chance the current Cyprus Talks have of gaining any support in the end. The talks are not about what politicians agree on, they’re about what Cypriots agree on.

Why not just re-run a referendum on the UN’s 2004 Annan Plan and get it over with? But this time without the interference of the south’s politicians telling their electorate to wait for a better deal which obviously hasn’t come.  The plan included a gradual removal of Turkish troops and the return of land to the south, including Maraş. Ten years after, this plan must be more attractive than ever, surely? More attractive than the current status quo anyway? Whatever individual Greek Cypriot might think of the plan, what percentage would now accept it?

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