Cyprus Problem | Negotiations About the Negotiations

Cyprus Problem – Negotiations About the Negotiations

Kibris newspaper (27.11.13) TRNC President Dervis Eroglu said that although nothing was achieved in the meeting with the south’s President Anastasiades, it went well from the point of view that they understood each other better. However, two and a half months ago, when the Greek south suggested a joint declaration prior to starting negotiations, he accepted the first text of the joint declaration prepared by the UN committee. This was rejected by the south and the papers have continued to be passed back and forth over the last two and a half months, Eroglu said.

“My proposal is to resume the negotiations without a joint declaration. Besides, all our requests are within the Government and Power Sharing chapter. We will discuss this. It is an issue that will be solved through the process of give and take at the negotiation table. If we accept the things that the Greek Cypriot side wants before sitting at the negotiation table, what will we do at the negotiation table?”

TRNC President Eroglu said that during the meeting with Anastasiades on Monday night, he proposed to resume the negotiations without preconditions, and he gave the south’s President two comprehensive proposals. He also repeated his proposal for a joint visit with President Anastasiades to the Apostolos (Saint) Andreas Monastery, but he has not received any reply yet. Regarding Maras, Eroglu said that their proposals were rejected by the south but added that the issue can be solved at the negotiation table through a give-and-take process, that is if they can bring Anastasiades to the negotiation table.

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