Cyprus Problem | Eroglu Accuses South of Playing Games

Cyprus Problem – Eroglu Accuses South of Playing Games

Bayrak television (11.11.13), TRNC President Dervis Eroglu, responding to the south’s President Anastasiades’s criticism of him, said that as “the president of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus he is aware of his constitutional duty and he is doing what is necessary to defend the rights and interests of his people”. Eroglu added: “I do not ascribe Anastasiades to call me as arrogant. I was considering Anastasiades as a gentleman politician”. He also made the observation that Anastasiades had made these accusations against him following his visit to the EOKA House.

“It seems that Mr Anastasiades is not pleased with my insistence on our sovereignty and the continuation of Turkey’s active and effective guarantee. It is obvious that Anastasiades is continuing to evaluate the EOKA ideology even today, and also he dreams about taking us back to the pre 1974 conditions.”

Eroglu warned Anastasiades that he would not be able to bring the Turkish Cypriots under the Greek Cypriot sovereignty. “We will never sacrifice our political equality and equal status of the founding states”. He accuses Anastasiades of resorting to various tricks to delay the process, the latest example being the joint statement. He also believes that he’s being influenced by DISI’s extreme right wing coalition partner DIKO which will be holding its general congress in December: “Anastasiades wants current DIKO President Karoyan to win the elections. He doesn’t want to be accused of being flexible at the negotiating table. This is the kind of games they are playing”.

He believed that Anastasiades has lost his popularity because of the economy and was trying to regain support by using the issues of Maras and the joint statement to regain it. “We have been waiting for him for the past 9 months. He set up his government, introduced austerity measures. But his continuing delaying tactics are leading us to question his sincerity.”

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