Cyprus Problem | Childish Act of Provocation

Without Prejudice

You see a photo like the one in this article and you have to think to yourself, “will they ever learn”. Bad enough if they had been covering the TRNC flag with a ROC flag, but a Greek flag…..uh…why?

Recent history shows how little the ROC can rely on Greece. A major contributor to their recent banking problem, nowhere to be seen when the going got tough for Greek Cypriots. Whatever do these two idiots, and presumably the one who took the photo, think that reuniting the island with Greece in the equation is going to do for them? However, it seems Enosis is still very much in the minds of a few mindless Greek Cypriots. I hope it is not to late to save them from themselves.

Will a solution come? Well of course it will. To every situation there is a beginning, a middle and an end. Whatever that solution may be, I pray it is to the benefit of all Cypriots regardless of their ethnic origins.

A good start would be removing all embargoes, ending the isolation of north Cyprus and welcoming her into the world family. Moving forward whilst looking back is not possible. The past cannot be changed but the future can be planned based on what has been learnt from the past.

Never give in and never give up.

Cyprus Problem | Childish Act of Provocation

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