Cyprus Problem | Allow TRNC Independence Referendum

Cyprus Problem | Allow TRNC Independence ReferendumCyprus Problem – Allow TRNC Independence Referendum

At a time when Scotland are preparing for a referendum for their independence from the UK, it strikes me as strange that there is not more acceptance for the same for the TRNC. Let’s face it, most of the Scots taking part in the referendum are arguably little different from the English they want independance from whereas Turkish Cypriots are much more easy to differentiate from Greek Cypriots. They speak Turkish for a start whereas few Scots speak Gaelic (1.2% in fact).

Yes, of course I know that Greek Cypriots do not want Turkish Cypriots to be independant and to have the equivalent of their Scotland. This is never explicitly made clear by the Greek Cypriot side during negotiations, for example in the joint statement they are insisting on. It seems to me that they should write into that agreement that what they want is to rule the Turkish Cypriots and nothing else is acceptable to the politicians in the south.

Whilst the outcome of the independent Scotland referendum is likely to result in a rejection I have no doubt an independent TRNC referendum would result in quite the opposite and the Greek Cypriots know this and refuse to accept this reality. There lies the stalemate. Greek Cypriots want to rule Turkish Cypriots who want to be free to rule themselves.

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