Buyers showing interest in Kulaksiz villas?

Just what are Akfinans Bank Limited and their advocate Akan Kursat up to, could they be trying to take advantage of the court strikes?

Whilst Kulaksiz 5 were awaiting their Appeal hearing; the Appeal of the District Court’s recent refusal to grant a temporary injunction on all the homes of the members of Kulaksiz 5, and this includes mine since I am named on the Petition, you might think I would be safe from any further action until the outcome is decided. As I am well aware Akfinans do not always wait for the t’s to be crossed and the i’s to be dotted, witness their breaking into my home, isolating the electricity and cutting it off and changing the locks and for good measure, driving the getaway car at speed at Agile Chris causing him to need to jump out of the way to avoid serious injury or worse. These actions are said to be illegal by two separate legal opinions because they had not obtained a court order to enable them to carry out this action.

They are at it again. On the 25th December 2010 (Christmas Day) a black Mercedes registration number CV 939 pulled up outside my villa and the occupants sat looking at it and they then drove round to the villa of the oldest couple on Kulaksiz 5 and repeated the exercise. Was this done deliberately to intimidate, I will let you decide on that?

Yesterday, the same black Mercedes pulled up outside my villa but this time the three occupants entered the villa and spent time looking around. Today, they are in the garden weeding. Has Akfinans found a purchaser for my house – who knows. What I do know is I am one of the Petitioners in a joint action fighting the legality of all their actions. Being a belt and braces sort of person and knowing that the court ordered award secured against assets of Kulaksiz Construction Limited may never materialise, so until it does, my situation is the same as every other owner on Kulaksiz 5 which is the reason I became a co petitioner with eight other owners of villas on the development. All actions we embark on includes me, Akfinans seem to have lost sight of that fact and believe they can treat me as different. I am not. I appear on every legal document and Petition including the case sent to the ECHR for which we now have a case number and whilst the number in itself does not guarantee acceptance of the case, it is a step forward and proof positive that the case does exist, a fact that Akan Kursat has disputed in the past. Unfortunately the strikes have already caused two postponements of our very important Appeal.

Have Akfinans Bank Limited through their Advocate ever taken the necessary action to legally repossess my house? Not that I am aware of and surely as the owner, I should have been made aware.

Does Akfinans Bank through their Advocate Akan Kursat think no-one will notice what they are up to? Sorry, we have.

Will Akfinans Bank Limited and their Advocate Akan Kursat find themselves with egg on their face? Oh I do hope so.

I would say to the absentee owners on the development, of which there are several, be very careful, it could be your villa next. Naturally we will all be watching out for you, but as we are all aware, Akfinans Bank Limited appear (allegedly and without prejudice) to bypass some of the legal requirements.

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