Building on Terrorism a Subtler Form of Treason?

2002 Dec the world was shaken by the atrocities of the Bali Disco bombing 202 dead and over 200 injured. A few months later in Egypt Car bombs devastated two big tourist hotels, again killing and maiming hundreds. In the Valley of the Kings 34 German tourists are gunned down visiting the historic sites.

Apart from the individual tragedies these events unleashed one common denominator runs through the events. Each triggered a reaction of horror amongst the countrymen of those most affected and secondly lead to a massive down turn in the influx of tourists into these otherwise very poor regions.

The cost to the affected governments is practically in calculable Not just the rebuilding of Hotels and infrastructure, lost business and livelihoods, but the long and costly investigations, the legal process and eventually the subsidy of the accommodation of the culprits for many years in prison. The extra cost of guarding these people from a) attacks by people who want to free them of b) from others who want to kill them. Add to this the dramatic downturn in new tourism and subsequent loss of revenue both in income terms and in overall revenue terms. Many family businesses go down the tubes as a result. The spiral only goes only one way, down.

The figures I read after the attack on the German tourist in Egypt were that booking went don to 35% of the previous level and even then visits to Thebes were only possible with high profile Army escorts. (Which you could argue cost nothing as the army is already there and has to be paid for anyway.)

The figures for Sharm el Shaik were I believe even more dramatic, so were the numbers of Australians booking to go to Bali. In 2003 it was reported that a 90% drop in Australian tourism resulted from the bombing.

I see the levels of investment in North Cyprus dropping. I try to analyse the reasons. First the natural disappointment at the failed Annan Plan in 2004 number of houses sold 3900 (figure from NC Press)2005 dropped to 2700 since then I hear not of stagnation , but of collapse. What this means in real terms to the economy is again incalculable. Loss off revenues taxes and employment and one ghas to ask the question why?

Why is there a lack of confidence in buying in North Cyprus. Sure the Orams case has had it’s effect. Sure the financial crisis has had its effect, but so dramatically that virtually nothing moves?

Could it be the doudle sellin of houses that is causing concern? Could it be the virtually non existent quality control? The ripoff the breaches of contract, that in any other country would be deemed as fraud? Maybe just the extremely vague land legislation, that nobody feels the need to do anything about. Maybe the beating up and threatening of a few investors? Maybe the lack of advertising standards. The construction industry’s own governing body can’t (or won’t) get a grip on it.

The biggest of all questions is ..WHY? Is this a fiendish plot to sabotage the new Republic? A heinous conspiracy to bankrupt the country? What if an external power (no names in order to protect the innocent) were paying construction companies to act the way they do? Could they do more PR Damage any other way? For as little investment that is. I mean, the construction and property industry has done more to harm the Republic, than dirty beaches, poor animal care, bad school results, reckless driving and overcharging in restaurants al put together. Food for thought?

If the government won’t or can’t react to this threat, then maybe it’s time to get the Turkish Intelligence in the form of counter insurgence into action. The secret police could find out who is behind this wrecking action, I have no doubt.

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