BBC World Service podcast: “Witness – a divided island”

A recent programme on BBC World Service includes witness statements about the events that took place during 1974 in Cyprus. The intention is to allow those who were actually there to present their experiences of what happened to them.  The intention is not to analyse the reasons for these events but instead to describe them. These statements are useful because most of the comments on NCFP are second hand and “evidence” is often carefully selected to “prove” one-sided arguments. Below is a link to a 10 minute podcast of this programme.

Another excellent source of first hand evidence can be found on the Britain’s Small Wars website, in this case mainly from the standpoint of members of the British Armed Forces in Cyprus. These are viewpoints which give you an insight into events from the point of view of people, for example, with different vested interests. In order to make judgements, I believe you should first listen to and read as many credible witness accounts as possible. Obviously, different judgements can be made but in the end hopefully the judgement with the strongest basis in fact tends to be the most persuasive.

BBC Podcast – “Witness – a divided island”
Britain’s Small Wars

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