ATCA Demands Plan B

The Association of Turkish Cypriots Abroad’s (ATCA) direct response to the Report of the Secretary-General on his mission of good offices in Cyprus for the information of the members of the Security Council (dated 24th November 2010).

“His Excellency’s report on the United Nations Operation in Cyprus on the 29th November 2010 unfortunately falls short of comprehending the realities on the island of Cyprus.

Apparently the Secretary-General’s advisors have not informed him that the United Nations (UN) attempt to make one people / one nation out of the existing two politically equal co-founder partners of the bi-national / bi-communal Cyprus has failed as recorded by the ex-representative of the then Secretary-General, H.E. Hugo Gobi. Again from the questions put to the leaders for the Geneva meeting, we understand that the Secretary-General is not aware that the approach of the two sides for establishing a federal state is not reconcilable, because the Greek Cypriot leader’s approach is based on the false assumption that the 1960 Republic was a unitary state (and not a bi-national partnership); that the 1960 constitution (which Makarios declared dead and buried in 1963 and has not been implemented ever since) is valid and in existence and that this constitution will be amended and the “unitary state” will be converted into a Federal Republic with two provinces, thus inviting Turkish Cypriots to give validity to the Greek Cypriots’ bloody coup of December 1963, against the partnership state (a bi-national state, functional federation). The approach of the Turkish Cypriot side is that the partners of 1960 have fallen apart since 1963 and have lived under separate administration ever since, not recognising the title of “the government of Cyprus” so generously but unjustly bestowed upon the Greek Cypriot side by the big powers for their own interests. Re-establishing a federal partnership therefore, requires equal treatment of the two sides, a fact denied to the Turkish Cypriots for 47 years.

Thus the refusal of the UN authorities to diagnose the problem for what it is, has cost Turkish Cypriots great loss of life, property and their fundamental vested rights since 1963. The basic fact that Cyprus is not a Greek Cypriot island has been ignored and the cause of the trouble being Enosis has not been understood. That is why we find the Secretary- General’s report typically open-ended and not proactive enough for the Turkish Cypriot people. In addition to the foregoing it fails to recognise all the broken promises made to the Turkish Cypriot people after the disastrous failure of the Annan Plan in April 2004, made by the European Union (EU) and UN and it fails to recognise the absurdity of a divided Cyprus becoming an EU member on the application of a party who has destroyed the constitution of the land and committed serious crimes amounting to almost Genocide of the Turkish Cypriot partner.


The Turkish Cypriot people cannot be let down again and will not be duped by misleading promises, so easily thwarted by existing International Laws, as an incentive to say “yes” in a future referendum for a new so-called comprehensive plan. ATCA fully supports the ongoing negotiations and a comprehensive settlement on the island but not at any cost; and especially not in terms of shared sovereign equality and bizonality as in 1960 and certainly not at the expense of the loss of Turkish guarantee. The talks should be limited to the end of January 2011 and if talks fail or no progress is made, then new direct action should be formulated in terms of an alternative plan. In short, a two-state solution should be proposed based on the past experience and the existing reality on the island.

ATCA believes that the time has passed for the continuation of negotiations which the Greek Cypriot side is attending for tactical reasons, as stated previously by Mr. Clerides and other past Greek Cypriot leaders, not for re-establishing a new partnership with Turkish Cypriots. We must now all agree that time is of the essence and the time limit is until the end of January 2011. Over three generations of Turkish Cypriots have been living in limbo, resulting in their mass migration from Cyprus. The Turkish Cypriot people have the right to life and the right to a positive future. Since 1963, this has been consistently over shadowed by the refusal of the Greek Cypriots to accept our right to independence and sovereign equality and even our existence in Cyprus as a second people. All the Turkish Cypriots are pressing for a conclusion to the talks and to the recognition of their state. An alternative Plan B has to be tabled as a viable option.

We stress the need for political, economic and social parity and a level playing field for peace and stability in Cyprus. Both the EU and the International Community have failed to secure this; despite the fact that the two sides are recognised as political equals and their promises that the unjustified restrictions on Turkish North Cyprus will be lifted. An alternative Plan B has to be tabled as a serious option otherwise we fear the Greek Cypriots will continue to take advantage of the present situation.”

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