APOEL football fans could be banned from game

cyprus-is-greek“APOEL fans could be banned from their team’s next UEFA Champions League home game after being investigated for racism claims.” reports Cyprus Mail. Unfortunately this was not for the “Cyprus is Greek” banner but instead was for making “monkey noises.” There is even the possibility they could be excluded from their home grounds for the entire UEFA tournament. This is the second time in two years that APOEL is facing punishment by UEFA because of the behaviour of its fans and last year, they were fined €30,000 because of racist chants.

This time the case involves racism against a female UEFA official which was condemned by APOEL President Phivos Erotokritou as being “stupid behaviour.” You have to wonder if the APOEL President, having ignored the racist banner, though the stupidity only related to picking on a UEFA official rather than Turkish Cypriot people living in Cyprus.

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