“All past and future TRNC property buyers… their investment is safe”

I am today, showing some of the minutes of a meeting of the Home Buyers Pressure Group meeting which took place on the 21st August 2007. It deals with the opening of the Property Complaints Office, later to have it’s named dumbed down to the Property Information Office and finally to disappear into the mists of time. Well I have to say, I used it and so did many of you, we still lost it.

I think we all bought into this particular ‘con’, probably because we honestly believed no Government could be so dishonest as not to honour  their word they so publicly gave to us all. I was wrong, we all were wrong.

The opening of the meeting:

First and most importantly, on behalf of all foreign buyers, I would like to thank the Prime Minister, Ferdi Sabit Soyer and his staff, who took time out of busy schedules to meet and listen to us, which resulted in the opening of the Prime Ministry’s Property Complaints Office (PCO) – an initiative that is not available to foreign buyers in any other country. All past and future TRNC property buyers are very fortunate to have such a positive commitment to ensure that their investment is safe.

We were also lucky enough to have the support of some wonderful people:

  • All the TRNC English language newspapers, especially Cyprus Today for accurate and consistent reporting on all our issues.
  • The Presidents Office and his staff
  • The Interior Ministry, especially the Permission to Purchase office staff.
  • The Construction Contractors Union
  • The Chamber of Architects and Engineers
  • City Planning Department
  • The TRNC Consumers Association
  • The TRNC Human Rights Association
  • KibTek (Electric Authority)
  • We even had some Estate Agents, Lawyers and Builders who were willing to work with us and find solutions!

I am here today to tell you that this will be the last meeting of the HBPG, in its present form. The newly created PCO should be your first point of contact for any property problems. The original aim of the group has been fulfilled and I for one will be glad to get back to the original reason for me coming here – to enjoy this lovely island. The group is not disbanded, but hopefully no longer required as a protest group; please watch the press for any forthcoming meetings.

The newly formed PCO has made an impressive start, Hasan Sungar will tell you about this later. But from my side I must say that all reports I am getting is that Tuğçe Volkan is doing a tremendous job. She is easy to talk to, takes her job seriously and behaves in a thoroughly professional manner. Appointments are kept and additional information requested by e-mail or by phone, if needed. Remember to complete an application form before going to the office – if you cannot complete it all, fill out what information you can – the important thing is USE THE OFFICE

Let me say this again – it has taken a lot of hard work by all parties involved to get this important initiative (PCO) off the ground – Use it or lose it. If you continue to moan to your friends instead of the office – nothing will change and nobody will listen to you. This is the best opportunity we will ever have to help this country become a place where people will be proud to own a home and solve our own problems at the same time.

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