Akfinans Bank move employees into pensioners’ villas and expect them to pay bills

You often do you hear people say ‘just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse.’ These words are often spoken almost in jest or to amuse the listener. I think with Kulaksiz 5 you could use them daily and in their true context. Just imagine if you will, the lives of the elderly, frail and clearly terrified residents of Kulaksiz 5 living in what could easily be taken for a war zone.

At the top end of Democrasi Sokak you have my villa, now inhabited by a team of Akfinans Bank Limited employed builders/workmen, then go to the bottom of Democrasi Sokak you have Eva McCluskey’s villa now inhabited by a team of Akfinans Bank Limited employed builders/workmen.There are men working outside their homes clearing weeds from the unmade road; a job usually done by Lapta Beledeysi.

From my own close up and personal experience with a worker/minder in my villa, these men are clearly under instruction not to let any of us near these properties; witness the treatment, described in previous articles, meted out to us when we went into our villa.There was much pushing and shoving and a neighbour becoming concerned for our safety also joined us in our garden. Seeing the situation could easily have escalated I decided that discretion was the better part of valour and persuaded my partner and my neighbour that it would be better for us all to leave.  At our ages being a punching bag for a young fit Turk is not my idea of a good time. This physical intimidation worked but that is not how we intend to challenge the bank.

Many questions come to mind:

If, as is alleged, these men are sleeping in the villas the Bank have forcibly repossessed, who is to pay for the electricity they are using?

As I have stated before, nearly 5 years on, Kulaksiz 5 are still on Builder’s Tariff electricity, another Property Scam issue that the Government has failed to address.  Usually Bob French collects everyone’s share of the one Kibtek bill and pays on behalf of all of us. There has always been a shortfall in the amount billed and the amount used by the residents which to date the residents have funded equally, although we have never known how this could be. This is on top of already paying almost three times the normal tariff.  Now of course, if Akfinans refuse to pay for the electricity their men are using, there is going to be an enormous shortfall causing more misery, more headaches for the residents. Something the Bank has cared little about up until now.

Are these men being employed to do this work legal?  Have the Police checked if they have ‘work permits’? Just a thought, but a very valid thought; after all, I keep reading that the Government are determined to root out all illegal workers.

‘It might be better for us all to leave.’ Are these the tactics being employed by the Bank by putting so many men it situ on Kulaksiz 5. Is it their hope that they will intimidate the residents into leaving voluntarily? In effect scare them away?

Akfinans Bank Limited, be aware that Kulaksiz 5 residents are very very scared but have nowhere to go, having given all their hard-earned savings to the men you considered fit to advance the Bank’s money to without due diligence on your part, without, it would seem, even the most cursory of checks.  Men who had already reneged on the first loan you made in March 2005 and yet you advanced them more in November 2005.

How can this be? I know, we all know, but somehow the government refuses to accept the truth of what you are doing. How can THAT be?

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