After TRNC Advocate Boysan Bora’s Akfinan Bank accusations, what next?

j'accuseAfter the unprecedented move by Advocate Boysan Bora, what will be the outcome?  Clearly the beleaguered victims of Akfinans Bank Limited, the Kulaksiz 5, would like the Government to take on board all that Mr Bora has said and act decisively and positively so that this situation can be resolved.

That tourism, home buying tourism and investment in the TRNC, will be adversely affected is obvious to all who read the document. Will it be obvious to the Government? For the well being of every Turkish Cypriot man, woman and child, I do hope so, this is their future that is at stake.

I have always been led to believe that a Government vote ratified the fact that International Law will always take precedent over local law and if that is the case, then International Law would not allow what is happening to the Kulaksiz 5. In the document it states that home buying laws in the TRNC are the same as elsewhere in the world. This being so, then the courts will surely find in our favour, won’t they?

That the Government is consistently ignoring the allegedly illegal acts by Akfinans Bank Limited is in effect tacit agreement to these acts. Surely this is not what the electorate expect of their democratically elected leaders? They have a right to expect more. We have a right to expect more.

The Government accepted our Stamp duty through the Tax Office – this is an acknowledgement by them of our rights.

The Government accepted our fees to Register Contracts through the Tapu – this is an acknowledgement by them of our rights.

The Government granted us Permission to Purchase through the Ministry of the Interior – this is an acknowledgement by them of our rights.

Why then do they think it is right to sit back and watch us being threatened, intimidated and treated appallingly and think they have no responsibility to protect us and ensure our Legal and Human Rights are honoured?

I think it is time that the Government decided who runs this country, the Government or the Bank.

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