2011 Cyprus Review | “For a brief moment, politics was shaken” – Cyprus Mail

“CHILDREN CRIED, tugged by parents scrambling aimlessly in shock. A crowd of youths with ripped off shirts covering their faces hurled a volley of stones at police. One man seemingly accustomed to street battles walked calmly through the insidious mist holding a flaming torch.

I later learnt the fire helped limit the invasive stranglehold of tear gas on the throat and eyes, which also explained why a small mob set a garbage bin alight outside the black gates of power.

Amid the chaos, neat lines of mainly teenagers dressed in black stood firm, wearing helmets. Their young age, uniformity, and blind discipline unnerved me.

This was not Athens, Cairo, Tunis or Tripoli. This was Nicosia on the night of July 12, 2011.”

I read the article in the link below, then I re read it. It would seem that there are turbulent times ahead for the whole island of Cyprus. Change is long overdue and at last it seems that the general public are also aware of this need. Politicians only enjoy their status whilst the voting public allow them to. It would seem that the voting public on both sides of the island are putting their Governments on notice.

No matter which party is your party of choice, no matter what your preferred option is for the terms of a settlement of the ongoing talks about the Cyprus problem and possible solution, it seem 2012 may well be the year decisions are made and acted upon.

The people of North Cyprus have lived in a vacuum for too long, it is time they enjoyed the freedom and recognition every human on the planet should be able to enjoy as their basic human right.

Source: http://www.cyprus-mail.com/review/2011-review-brief-moment-politics-was-shaken/20120103/

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