Cyprus Law | Plenty of Law But No Justice

Cyprus Law | Plenty of Law But No JusticeWITHOUT PREJUDICE

Cyprus Law | Plenty of Law But No Justice

Having fought and won a Breach of Contract case, I might just have well taken my money and burned it, taken my time and wasted it, oh yes that is exactly what I did; and the stress, what can you do with that?

In all I wasted almost four valuable years of the Autumn of my life in a costly unproductive exercise using the law to try to right a terrible injustice…silly, silly me. I am of course referring to the Breach of Contract followed by the Mandamus case.

Now I am left with the Kulaksiz 5 case and I pray to God this is not another waste of the precious few years I have left, God willing.

Along the way, and all because I dared speak out about this terrible injustice I have been victimised, terrorised and demonised by those who would rather have their evil actions swept under the Turkish carpet.

I suppose in many ways I should be flattered that a 68 year old little old lady has caused much richer, more powerful people to take notice of her and to react in the cowardly ways that they have. That includes attacking my relationship with Agile, ignoring the fact we have been together 28 years. That the forms of retaliation they have used are cowardly, goes without saying. Media lies, and there the media should hang their heads in shame for colluding in this and never ever approaching me to know if what they were printing was fact or fantasy. Libel writs, now when was the truth ever Libel? Breaking into and taking my villa without a court order and in such a violent and unnecessary way. The law would, in time most probably have given them the court order necessary to take it, and I would have handed them the keys. Of course now there is an Interim Injunction in place which will stop them taking further properties until the outcome of the K5 case is known. Too late for me and Eva McCluskey, simply because the bank did not wish to go the lawful route or wait.

It has caused me a few laughs along the way. What else can you do but laugh when in your late 60’s you are called the ‘mistress’ of your toyboy in his early 60’s, your lover. A post on the late lamented C44 commented that my partner must be agile to have jumped out of the way of a speeding car, thus the nickname ‘Agile’ was spawned. How many 68 year old ladies can boast of having an ‘Agile Lover’?

I have been described as a Greek Cypriot sympathiser who owns two villas with pools in the south….I wish. I have been called an undesirable (clearly Agile doesn’t think so…), a thief, a criminal, a liar and reported to every official body on the island by the bank: I wonder if KAR was included? Allegedly my phone is tapped, I am called by the police when they think any assembly will take place. In any civilised society this would be called harassment, here I just now accept it as part of my life. I think that most alarming incident was when I saw headlines calling for my deportation.

Now you would be forgiven if you thought I was an International Spy, head of a drug smuggling ring, any sort of crook. The fact is the only thing I have done ‘wrong’ here is to buy a house from a very unsavoury character and an even more unsavoury landowner. Everything that followed the act of purchasing a house in north Cyprus is as a direct result of that one act. Truth be told, I did nothing wrong, no property victim here has done wrong. I have been greatly wronged and no one seems willing or able to right that wrong. How sad is that? They would rather compound this act by treating me as the villain rather than what I really am, ‘a victim of injustice followed by spite and compounded by lies from those who victimised me.

I almost forgot about Laura the laptop, another innocent victim in this reign of terror. To end on a humorous note I thought I would treat you to the back view of my ‘Agile lover’ aka the naked plumber.

I have done nothing wrong.

Never give in never give up

Pauline Ann Read



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