Cyprus Law | Mandamus Chapter and Verse

Cyprus Law | Mandamus Chapter and VerseWITHOUT PREJUDICE

Cyprus Law | Mandamus Chapter and Verse

Legal Eagle has already given us chapter and verse on the Mandamus and so we are all becoming well versed with this.

However and purely out of curiosity I Googled the word to get the dictionary definitions of this word.



American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition

n. A writ issued by a superior court ordering a public official or body or a lower court to perform a specified duty.

v. To serve or compel with such a writ.

Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

n. In law, a writ issuing from a superior court, directed to an inferior court, an officer, a corporation, or other body, requiring the person or persons addressed to do some act therein specified, as being within their office and duty, as to admit or restore a person to an office or franchise, or to deliver papers, affix a seal to a paper, etc. Its use is generally confined to cases of complaint by some person having an interest in the performance of a public duty, when effectual relief against its neglect cannot be had in the course of an ordinary action.

To issue a mandamus to; serve with a mandamus.


n. law A common law prerogative writ that compels a court or government officer to perform mandatory or purely ministerial duties correctly.

GNU Webster’s 1913

n. (Law) A writ issued by a superior court and directed to some inferior tribunal, or to some corporation or person exercising authority, commanding the performance of some specified duty.”

It seems extraordinary to me as a lay person that such a case has become necessary since a lower court Judge has already issued a court order to the Government Department in the Pauline Read Breach of Contract case. To have to seek further court action to compel a Government Department to do its duty is outrageous. The words ‘out of control’ springs to mind.

Justice is the right of every person on the planet. That Pauline Read followed the court procedure to the letter, obtained a court order and now has to obtain another to compel the first one to be acted on is a flagrant violation of her Human Rights. There is no other way to describe it.

Shame on all those that allowed it to happen.

Power to the people.

Citizen Smith

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