Cyprus, a place where friends and relatives secretly help each other to scam ex-pats?

Unlike Julius Caesar, the Kulaksiz 5 didn’t have a soothsayer telling them to ‘beware the Ides of March’ the 15th March in the Roman Calendar. We were unaware of the machinations going on behind the scenes and when we found ourselves in trouble we turned desperately to anyone who held out a hand. Much to our cost we have now learned just how incestuous were the traps we walked into.

We found that Yuksel Yilmaz was allegedly best friends with Ertu Kader, the son of the Bank owning family, the Manager of Girne Branch who gave the mortgage using our properties as security and all after we had purchased.

We also found out that Hasan Hasipolgu, allegedly nephew of the Advocate Oguzhan, was a Director of Akfinans Bank Limited.  So what you might think? Well the connection is that Oguzhan Hasipoglu  and Hasan are/were allegedly partners in the same law firm, the law firm that carried out conveyancing for three members of the Kulaskiz 5 group. These facts were discovered long after the purchase and at no time were they volunteered to the purchasers as a possible conflict of interest. Of course at the time of the conveyancing there may not have been a need.  There most certainly would have been shortly afterwards because we now know that the first mortgage was granted in March 2005 and the second in November 2005.

Another member of Kulaskiz 5 had as a conveyancer Fezilet Ozdenefe, wife of Akan Kursat, yes Akan Kursat who is the Advocate acting for Akfinans Bank Limited.  Again at the time of the conveyancing it may well not have been considered necessary to reveal the connection but, also again, future events did create a need for this to be revealed to the purchaser as yet another possible conflict of interests, in my opinion.

Ertugrul Hasipoglu is allegedly brother to Oguzhan Hasipolgu, the former allegedly being the General Secretary of the UBP Party, the latter Legal Adviser to the ruling President of the TRNC.

The Kader family and the Hasipoglu family are allegedly related.

Ilkay Kamil former  Interior Minister, to whom I personally sent several letters by registered post detailing the ongoing progress of my Breach of Contract case.  Did I ever receive a reply?  Don’t be silly.  I now realise why I believe I was ignored.  Ertu Kader was also allegedly a senior member of the KKTC Iskan Encumeni (TRNC Town/Planning Committee) which is said to be tied to the TRNC Ministry of the Interior.  Allegedly Ertu Kader and Ilkay Kalmil frequently had morning coffee together.  Not unusual, I agree, since they had an alleged working connection, but I have to wonder if this is the reason I never received one reply to my letters, yet I am informed that under the Constitution, a Minister should reply to a letter within a certain time period.

Of course, yesterday’s allegation concerning the Finance Minister was a complete bombshell to all Kulaksiz 5 members as I know we all thought it safe to discuss our ongoing case with this gentleman. How trusting we were?

I have also been informed that a cousin of the Kader family is, or was, on Board of the Central Bank but cannot state that as fact until my source can verify this.

Perhaps the Kader family would like to confirm or deny this?

Information supplied by named but anonymous source.

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