Cafer Yucelgazi, of Incesu Property Victims fame, answers his critics

Yesterday I was in Lefkoşa with a colleague on Stop the Blackmail business lobbying for those who will be affected if the Auction on the 27th November goes ahead. The best outcome would be for the Auction, and all such Auctions, to be cancelled. At this stage we may just have to settle for a postponement, not enough, but at least a breathing space.

With a little time to spare I managed to speak with Cafer Yucelgazi, of Incesu fame, and below is the result of that interview. Again I point out, the words, though written by me, are a true account of what was said to me. I make no comment on their voracity, I have my opinion, but that is not in any way reflected in this article.

Mr Yucelgazi freely admits his Contract was with the purchasers and that he had a separate Contract with the landowner.

Mr Yucelgazi stated that 6 of the seven properties were marketed and sold by Golden Estate Agency Limited (Remax), the 7th being a direct sale.

Mr Yucelgazi also informed me that he has a court case against the Agent in which he is claiming the £38 775 he paid in commission to the Agent.

He stated that the commission was paid in cash.

Mr Yucelgazi also stated that the total of his claim through the Court is £55 000, this figure includes interest for the period the Agent has had this money

I asked what Mr Yucelgazi would do with this money in the event he his case was successful.He said he would hold it in an account and if he finished Incesu and received all the money from the purchasers he claims is owed to him, plus the final payment, as per Contract, he would hand the money back to the selling Agent.

When I questioned him about the Build Permit, he said that the authorities had been given the plans and Vize but due to their delay the paperwork became out of date.

I then asked about the situation with regard to finishing the villas, and this is where the facts related in forums and the facts given to me at this interview vary. I asked Mr Yuclegazi just how much the purchasers owed him. He handed me this list. I asked him if I could publish it, he said ‘yes’. He gave me a photocopy. I asked him if this list was in the court case he had ongoing with the purchasers and he said it was. I asked him again, would it be in order to publish it as it was in the court case, again he said yes.

The first column on this list is obviously the names. The second column contains the balance of payment outstanding from the Contract of Sale price. The third column holds the cost of extras, not covered by the Contract of Sale price and requested by the purchaser. The fourth column is the interest applied by Mr Yucelgazi for the time the money in columns two and three has been outstanding, calculated he told me at 7.5%. The fifth column is the total payment outstanding by each individual purchaser.

Of the £435 772, that Mr. Yuclegazi claims is outstanding, he claims that the sum of £150 000 is money needed to complete the site and the balance is for work already completed by him, at his expense, but for which he has not been paid.

Mr Yucelgazi informed me that when he entered into the Contract with the landowner he was Senior Head of the Kyrenia Builders Association. Mr Yucelgazi also claimed that he was a qualified builder. Indeed he showed me pictures of the completed Holiday village he had constructed for Tatlisu Belediyesi and confirmed that the certificates from K.T. Insaat Muteahhitleri Birligi and Insaat Encumeni Baskani were for Aspire Trading Ltd which was his company.

I made it clear at the start of this article that I am relating the facts given to me. I have been careful not to comment in any way or to add my opinion; that is what the NCFP comment section is for.

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