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Breaking News | BRS Calls For Kulaksiz 5 Support

Friday, September 14, 2012
- by O B Joyful

1x1.trans Breaking News | BRS Calls For Kulaksiz 5 SupportReports are coming in that the British Resident Association in North Cyprus have taken out a quarter page advertisement in a local English Language newspaper in support of Kulaksiz 5′s forthcoming court cases.

British Residents Society Notice

Kulaksiz 5 Group Appeal for Public Support at 9am on September 19th 2012

For anyone with sympathy for those facing repossession or eviction proceedings, next Wednesday 19th September at 9am is an important time at the Lefkosa Appeal Court.

The KULAKSIZ 5 Group’s Lawyers, Boysan Boyra Law, are appealing to three Senior TRNC Judges to overturn a lower Court decision that allows a Bank to sell their homes before their main case is decided.

The main case takes place in Girne on October 10th 2012.

All expats and Cypriots who wish to attend are asked to please peacefully stand outside the Court to demonstrate their support for the Kulaksiz 5 Group and all property victims caught up in this mess. To keep within TRNC law for expats this will be a civilised silent protest without placards.

The Lekosa Court is in Lefkosa Old Town opposite the Main Post Office.

This is major step forward and a much needed boost to the Kulaksiz 5 litigants. Please join them at the Lefkosa High Court on Wednesday the 19th September at 9.00 am when their legal team will try to convince the three Appeal Judges of the rightness of their case and attempt to persuade the three learned Judges to overturn the decision by Judge Talat Usar in the Girne District Court on the 26th August, 2011.

Judge Usar denied their application for an Interim Injunction to stop the Bank selling their villas until the final outcome of all cases was known. The Judge famously awarded costs of 2000 lira against the Kulaksiz 5 and wrote the condition of collection of the costs in such a way that the Bank were able to collect the whole amount from one of the litigants, Pauline Read. During this same hearing the Bank applied for Pauline Read to be removed from the case, the Judge refused the Bank this request. This may well be one of the reasons they targeted her to pay the costs which clearly is the joint responsibility of all of the K5 litigants. That and her refusal to accept the Bank’s intimidation and efforts to silence her.


1x1.trans Breaking News | BRS Calls For Kulaksiz 5 Support
1x1.trans Breaking News | BRS Calls For Kulaksiz 5 Support

8 Responses to “Breaking News | BRS Calls For Kulaksiz 5 Support”

  1. pollymarples

    This is so positive and so welcome. Well done BRS.

  2. Yes truly good news, but look at the accusations flying on a similar heading on North Cyprus Forum!!!

  3. pollymarples

    Yes Yorg seems to know something about our nige, doesn’t he Paulette.

    From stbinc page written by John Good
    “As suspected the discussion of 1 member is being used by ” that woman” to show dis harmony ON THE ON LINE BLOG SHE WRITES FOR any more discussion about who is or is not a member or who should or should not be a member will be deleated as will any posts that in my opinion seek to cause friction/ unrest in the group.

    NOT CENSORSHIP BUT Moderation ”

    Deleting posts is not censorship, it must be correct – John Good says so and he is always right except when he is wrong.

    The invisible man still seems to be unable to resist reading NCFP, adverts and all. I wonder how an invisible man manages to keep his glasses on his nose whilst reading? This could be a competition
    with the prize being, a free lift to an airport of your choice.

  4. pollymarples

    dizzy1 wrote:yorg, I have to disagree with you regarding not using the forum as a platform…

    So many people in NC are affected and they need all the publicity they can get and help!!

    As for accusing the board owner of being a criminal, thats just really not on, after all its his forum, he started it and think we all need to show respect even if we don’t agree with what is posted …

    Going back to the 1st post, lets hope all the ‘groups’ send representatives, to this basically corrupt hearing …

    Yorg says:
    I agree and apologise for interfering with such sensetive subject.I’m merely pointing out the fact that ‘he is pulling all your attentions elsewhere’ while he gets on with his own illegal activities…….just like the so called builders,solicitors,estate agents,local government have done!
    The state calls its own violence law, but that of the individual crime.

    Is this what you are referring to Paulette?

  5. In a nutshell ‘THAT WOMAN’ yes!!

  6. pollymarples

    Oh dear poor lad. Love your reply Paulette.

  7. cyprusishome

    What is wrong with everybody. We should be fighting the common enemy not continually slagging off others on the same side in this fight.

    I have spoken to a couple of people this week about K5 and although they support 100% they will not attend the court hearings because they do not wish to be associated in a public place with the protagonists on the various forums. I am sure Kader & Kursat will be laughing their socks off at the childish antics seen on them.

    This week, at last, there has been public support from RBL and BRS. Please take advantage of that and positively support their initiative by sticking to the agenda.

  8. pollymarples

    cypro….worry not the man who does not censor only moderates has removed Yorg’s comments. weekends are the funniest on ncf when the moderator has his sunday ‘skin full’, lets fly and then MODERATES when he has slept it off. Whilst that continues cypro, who can take him seriously?

    cypro you know full well, those supporters who will turn out, will turn out no matter what, you yourself have slagged off those that dont and so the more things change the more they stay the same.


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