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So as Mr Nadir is told in no uncertain terms to pay £5m within two years or face six additional years in prison, the saga of Asil Nadir chunters on. Mr Justice Holroyds sitting at the Old Bailey was not impressed with claims of poverty and voiced the opinion that he believed Mr Nadir has money stashed away.

The Judge also gave leave for Mr Bagana to apply for the return of the £250,000 bail bond paid by Mr. Bagana to secure bail for Mr Nadir during the trial. The Judge also said that he knew he was being overly generous and erring on the side of caution when ordering the payment of only £5m.

Interestingly a certain forum owner predicted Mr. Nadir would be home by Christmas. Looks like he might be overly optimistic in that prediction.


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Asil Nadir back in Court

I reckon he will be out by Christmas 2012. S:)

Soner Kioufi

Power to the people

Citizen Smith


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