Asil Nadir – what happened to the money?

Amongst the many allegations being levelled at Mr Nadir at his ongoing trial at the Old Bailey, are allegations of theft from Polly Peck International to buy property in Central London, to use  the money to bolster the share prices of PPI and mention of a cheque payable to the stables of Jenny Pitman.  It would appear Mr Nadir appeared to prefer going to horse racing than going to the ‘dogs’.

Odd to read that PPI allegedly folded in 1990 with debts of £550 million, Mr Nadir is accused of syphoning off £150 milllion 3 years before the collapse and yet he is charged with stealing £34 million.   Now correct me if I am wrong but 20 years on, how can £150 million have shrunk to £34 million, doesn’t time and inflation normally have the reverse effect on the value of money?    I know, I know, just being obtuse.
Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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