Asil Nadir | UK Press Summary

Here is an interesting ‘tale’ told by Ian Cobain of the Guardian. It goes back to when Mr Nadir had fled back to north Cyprus following the collapse of Polly Peck International. It has all the ingredients of a best selling work of fiction, but we are told it is not fiction.

It tells of the journalist being given the run around. Of his being told he should move to Jasmine Court where he was given luxurious accommodation. It tells of his arriving without an appointment to try to see Asil Nadir and waiting hour after hour before leaving, having not seen the great man. It relates that after his abortive attempt to see Nadir his luxurious room at the Jasmine Court suddenly was no longer available. It tells of intrigue, men being trapped in a lift. Of headless chickens (for real) and dead cats.

Worth a read.

It is a story of smoke and mirrors and intrigue worthy of the pen of any of the great mystery writers.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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