Asil Nadir Sentenced to 10 Years Imprisonment

Asil Nadir is expected to serve at least 5 of the 10 years he’d been sentenced to serve. The judge said that ill health pleas had not affected the sentence and that these were a matter for the prison service.

Nadir will be appealing but there is controversy over how he had been awarded legal aid of £5m and yet was able to live a lavish life style. It had been explained that his relatives were paying all his bills – apart from the legal bills of course. The judge said that Nadir had “outstanding business skills” and I guess these include being able to get the state to pay his legal bills while at the same time spending about the same money on himself, via relatives of course.

The Conservative Party have rejected calls to pay back £440,000 donated by Nadir as there was no evidence that he had stolen this money. So far it has cost the government about £8m to bring this case so the £440,000 would be welcome if only to allow poor people the ability to receive legal aid.

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