Asil Nadir | Plea to Finish Sentence in Turkey is Rejected

Asil Nadir | Plea to Finish Sentence in Turkey is RejectedWITHOUT PREJUDICE

Asil Nadir | Plea to Finish Sentence in Turkey is Rejected

Asil Nadir’s request to serve out his jail term in Turkey was rejected by the Justice Secretary amid fears he would not complete sentence.  Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has rejected the tycoon’s bid to move out of Belmarsh Prison, Woolwich, where he is serving a ten-year sentence for fraud and the theft of nearly £30million from his Polly Peck empire.

It must be remembered that Mr Nadir is now an old man and one has to wonder at the need to keep him in prison at the tax payers expense any longer. There are those who think the disgrace and public humiliation plus the payment of £5m has been punishment enough. However this thinking should be tempered by the thoughts of what is happening to people in the land of his birth whose only crime is to have bought a property in the wrong place at the wrong time. Old people who invested their life savings in north Cyprus only to see them disappear into the pockets of thieves and their homes become the subject of a legal battle. A battle that some think should not ever have involved them, mortgage law 11/74 section 21 certainly gives them reason to believe this.

These people are in limbo and financially imprisoned by not being to afford to leave or live here as they had intended or expected. We are told that the legal system here is strong and meant to protect the weak and vulnerable. Let us see if it lives up to that description.

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