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Asil Nadir Case – whilst we are awaiting the outcome of the Asil Nadir case, and in light of Mr. Nadir’s quote that he felt a “burning sense of injustice”, let us remember that the SOCA whilst handling the papers in that case also felt a sense of burning. This was attributed to a microbial infection on the papers themselves which allegedly caused the people handling them to don face-masks and rubber gloves. No, it is true and you certainly Couldn’t Make It Up. One member of the team allegedly had treatment for burns on his hands. Well that is taking the term ‘hot from the presses’ to the limit.

This trial is costing the British taxpayer too much money and to what end. If Mr Nadir is found guilty, what will be his punishment, will it be to return the missing money to the victims?

If he is found not guilty then it will vindicate Mr Nadir, but will it return all the taxpayers money? It is reported that Mr Nadir, reputedly a millionaire many times over, received Legal Aid. In light of the fact that many ex-pats and Turkish Cypriots are fighting to save their homes and their life’s savings, in the country of Mr Nadir’s birth, at their own expense, it seems somewhat ironic when you look at the comparison in the status of Mr. Nadir and the property injustice victims.

In the US, the case against Mr Nadir would most probably have not been pursued as it was so old.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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