Asil Nadir UK Court Case – 27/6/2012

Michael White of the Guardian has a style that takes us back to the time when Pauline Read was reporting on the Geoff Day case. Mr White was in court on Tuesday and here is his report of the days proceedings. It did make me smile when he relates to the case going on (and on). He even makes reference to Rumpole, I can remember someone else who did that.

Mr White should be covering the Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank Limited case. Now there is a case that goes on and on and on……zzzzzzz.

Mr Nadir’s case is expected to end and a verdict given by July. The case is very high profile in the UK press and media at the moment and seems to have everything. Revelations and allegations about a current north Cyprus Minister, allegations of bribery of a Judge at the time Mr Nadir fled to north Cyprus, a letter received by Mrs Thatcher from the Turkish Government.

I am sure all the Kulaksiz 5 can empathise with Mr Nadir who claims his health is suffering and is said to look tired and ill. Unfortunately, they are not receiving state funding to finance their legal action, they do not have a luxury pad in Belgravia to return to after a hard day in court, they are fighting to save their homes and they most certainly are being made ill by the stress and strain of the legal fight they did not choose, do not deserve and if there were a Jury involved in their cases, I am sure they would have been victorious long ago.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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