Asil Nadir | Suggestions of Judicial Corruption

WITHOUT PREJUDICE: Back in the day, it seems that at least 43 MPs had lobbied to have Mr Nadir tried in his absence. The MPs were not happy with the conduct of Mr Justice Tucker and very unhappy with his decision not to. Interesting to see that Mr. Ken Livingstone who had no political affiliations at that time voted but that not one Conservative voted in this motion.

Would that have been a good thing, or would that have been unfair to try Mr Nadir in his absence. It did not happen so the question is academic although in light of developments now, valid. Had Mr Nadir been tried then, it would have avoided the ‘circus’ that is now happening at the Old Bailey, it would have saved the British tax payer the costs of the legal aid now given to Mr Nadir, it may well have saved Mr Nadir the stress he is now clearly undergoing. There is no doubt that with the facts being fresh, there would have been less time for the waters to have been muddied one way or the other.

Take a look at this Early Day Motion put down at the time of the scandal. Clearly the MPs were not happy with the Judge. Were the Labour Party looking for blood, looking for publicity or simply looking for Justice.

Much has been said about the behaviour of the Judiciary at the time of the crime, suggestions of bribery and/or threats. Will we ever know if there is any substance in such allegations?

There is no doubt that investors at that time lost a lot of money, not least the Pension Funds that were heavily exposed to Polly Peck International stock and did not get out early enough.

We all remember the Turkish Cypriot Judge when giving a decision recently to property victims in Kyrenia saying ‘buying in north Cyprus is like investing on the Stock Market (Borsa)’. Not much of an incentive to future purchasers. Not much has changed in almost 20 years, has it?

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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