Anthony Davey, is no news good news?

My apologies for not being able to bring you any news of the situation as far as Anthony Davey is concerned. My sources, Anthony’s friends, are no longer responding to my enquiries and I can only deduce from this, that this in line with Anthony’s wishes.

As we are all aware, the Facebook campaign was started with good intentions, and having been nominated as Administrator, I felt I could not refuse. Along with others, I have made Human Rights Watch U.K., Amnesty International, Prisoner’s Abroad and Fair Trials Abroad aware of this situation.

I pray that in doing this I have not offended Anthony in any way. I feel that keeping quiet in a situation like this, is exactly what the TRNC Government wants and could not subscribe to this way of thinking.

I do however respect Anthony Davey’s right to withhold information and although my intentions are good and my wish only help him, without information my hands are tied.

If Anthony’s friends are reading this, please make him aware that any help I can give is there for the asking, North Cyprus Free Press will continue to support him and we ALL wish him well.



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