Anthony Davey has been charged with “causing death of one of the children”

From Free Anthony Davey FaceBook page:

“For the latest update Ive been told that Tony has been charged with causing the death,of one of the children at the moment. His court case must be heard within 3 months of the date he was put inside. With the way the stikes r going hopefully it is sorted out by his trial date. From the information given due to the circumstances of the accident that the children had no insurance no lights etc that Tony is looking to get a sentence of about 4 to 5 months of which the 3 months inside would get counted and he should be out in about 1 month after that. The prosecution were willing to change the bail conditions on this oacassion and change it to just a money assurety but it never happened. But any bail wouldnt really have helped Tony in this situation ! “

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