Akfinans Bank’s cunning plan to inflate Kulaksiz 5 debt

It is important to state that we still have time to appeal the legality of the auction and it has always been our contention that it was illegal as indeed we have always maintained that granting mortgages on security of property belonging to anyone other than the borrower is illegal, maybe not here, but certainly in any civilised country in the world. We still have the option to go as far as the E.C.H.R if circumstances force this. For these reasons we have always maintained (and still do) we are the contractual and beneficial owners of our homes and the land they stand on.

Back to the meeting. Having wrung a little information from the Advocate, more followed:

Following the auction the debt now stands at2,077,000 TL
Government taxes connected to auction350,000 TL
TOTAL2,427,000 TL

The good news is NO MORE INTEREST WILL BE ADDED yippeeeee do!

The idea is to sell the three houses owned by the landowner Yuksel Yilmaz and also possibly my house to reduce the debt further. So basically, they are going to evict the two families who through no fault of theirs became entangled in this mess. That means 5 adults, one of whom is Osman the guy you saw being stretchered away from the auction, Yuksel Yilmaz’s mother who has had two strokes and is very frail, Hattice, wife of Osman and Jamilla and her new husband, Handi, also Ali and Fatma who are teenagers and two small boys Yusef and Emre aged about 9 and 8 years. We, the other members of Kulaksiz 5, have voiced our disgust at this proposal and want no part of it. Some of the adults retain their Turkish citizenship and it will be interesting to find out what the Turkish Embassy are going to do to help their citizens. They are aware of this.

The advocate was at pains to tell us that the Bank has had to pay for these properties at auction and must recoup their money. When I asked who did they pay the money to, he replied the Bank. Now keep up with me…the Bank sold the land/properties to the Bank. Money out of the front door, money returned through the back door; net expenditure NIL. Yes they did loan money very unwisely to Abdurrahman Guney and Yuksel Yilmaz, yes they may have had to pay government taxes but I say that is their fault for firstly lending the money imprudently and then forcing the auction… more tomorrow.

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