Akfinans Bank | The Cost of Justice in North Cyprus – “innocent until bankrupt”

Akfinans Bank | The Cost of Justice in North Cyprus - "innocent until bankrupt"Having read both Malcolm and Pauline’s comments about their experience of visiting a lawyer in Famagusta in order to reply to a writ issued, I believe, by Akfinans Bank, I am as shocked as they were. It seems that the lawyer, a relative of Ismet on Cyprus 44, charged Pauline £2000 to take on the case and, later on, added a £1000 “bonus” if he won the case. Pauline apparently asked confirmation that when she wins the case she would get this back and was told that she would receive only a tiny fraction of the money she paid because costs were awarded on a fixed scale unrelated to what she was actually charged by the lawyer.

Pauline then obviously asked what would happen if the plaintiff kept bringing court cases against her, would she have to keep paying £3000? She told me that the answer she received was a shrug and a non-committal assurance that this was unlikely. Pauline believed otherwise. In fact she began to form the opinion that she might have to keep defending herself until she ran out of money, despite being innocent of all charges. Pauline felt like she was “innocent until bankrupt.”

Perhaps this is why other news media are not mentioning Akfinan Bank’s name, in my opinion of course? I too am rethinking my future visits to North Cyprus despite the cold here in Germany.

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