Akfinans Bank – police accuse Pauline Read of “trespassing”

Today has been surreal. I cannot quite come to terms with the fact that had Chris not been as agile as he is, I could have seen him being taken away in a body bag. I have no doubt in my mind that Akfinans Bank would have got away with that too. The government seem frightened of them, the police seem frightened of them. I have news for you Akfinans Bank Ltd, I will continue to tell the truth about you and the only way you will silence me is permanently.

Why would I be surprised that they came like thieves in the night, not bothering to observe the legal procedure of obtaining a court eviction notice or the common decency of making the owner of the property aware of the action they were about to take. They kept the existence of the mortgage secret, we only discovered it when attempting to register our Contracts in 2008 as per the new law. The mortgage had been in existence since 2005 but we had to find out about it by chance, even though they knew of our existence. Common decency and Akfinans are not really words that belong in the same sentence.

I now know the identity of the 3 ‘brave’ men who did a runner when challenged by a 60 year old lone man and attempted to run down in their getaway car – what heroes.

Haluk came to film Chris’s version of events for Ada news and found the old lock our heroes had overlooked. He called the police again hoping they might want to fingerprint it or something. No, they were more interested in arresting Chris and I for trespassing on what they said was Akfinans property. Now bear in mind, they know we have not been given sight of any legal authority for the bank to do what they had done but they would rather take the word of an obviously dubious bank than someone who has contracted to buy and paid for the property. If we had been given sight of a legal eviction notice we would have left immediately – we were not. So both Chris and I suggested that they had better arrest us then as we were not leaving.

The next episode tomorrow…………

Turkish article about the event

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