Google+ Akfinans Bank – police accuse Pauline Read of “trespassing”

Akfinans Bank – police accuse Pauline Read of “trespassing”

Sunday, August 1, 2010
- by Name & Address Supplied

1x1.trans Akfinans Bank   police accuse Pauline Read of trespassingToday has been surreal. I cannot quite come to terms with the fact that had Chris not been as agile as he is, I could have seen him being taken away in a body bag. I have no doubt in my mind that Akfinans Bank would have got away with that too. The government seem frightened of them, the police seem frightened of them. I have news for you Akfinans Bank Ltd, I will continue to tell the truth about you and the only way you will silence me is permanently.

Why would I be surprised that they came like thieves in the night, not bothering to observe the legal procedure of obtaining a court eviction notice or the common decency of making the owner of the property aware of the action they were about to take. They kept the existence of the mortgage secret, we only discovered it when attempting to register our Contracts in 2008 as per the new law. The mortgage had been in existence since 2005 but we had to find out about it by chance, even though they knew of our existence. Common decency and Akfinans are not really words that belong in the same sentence.

I now know the identity of the 3 ‘brave’ men who did a runner when challenged by a 60 year old lone man and attempted to run down in their getaway car – what heroes.

Haluk came to film Chris’s version of events for Ada news and found the old lock our heroes had overlooked. He called the police again hoping they might want to fingerprint it or something. No, they were more interested in arresting Chris and I for trespassing on what they said was Akfinans property. Now bear in mind, they know we have not been given sight of any legal authority for the bank to do what they had done but they would rather take the word of an obviously dubious bank than someone who has contracted to buy and paid for the property. If we had been given sight of a legal eviction notice we would have left immediately – we were not. So both Chris and I suggested that they had better arrest us then as we were not leaving.

The next episode tomorrow…………

Turkish article about the event

1x1.trans Akfinans Bank   police accuse Pauline Read of trespassing

1x1.trans Akfinans Bank   police accuse Pauline Read of trespassing
1x1.trans Akfinans Bank   police accuse Pauline Read of trespassing

19 Responses to “Akfinans Bank – police accuse Pauline Read of “trespassing””

  1. john

    Akfinans own the land
    they bought it at auction
    this was always going to happen   .
    can i suggest some one start a facebook group again
    shame on afkfinsand their directors.
    put as much as you can on and watch it spread over the net facebook is a powerfull tool USE IT

  2. Pauline Read

    John,     You are wrong, we still have time to appeal the
    legality of the auction and they DID NOT get an eviction
    order.  There is an order of events legally, even for
    them which is why when challenged they drove the car
    at Chris.
    i am using my page on facebook to have a GO and
    I also comment on Eroglu’s wall regularly.
    Can you start a facebook page for us????

  3. miltiades

    John , Akfinans DO NOT OWN THE LAND.
    A dispossessed  G/C no doubt does. You and Pauline have bought stolen land , and what you think it is now yours it is not.
    At least do the decent thing and warn other senile old codgers of what they are likely to face if  the buy stolen land in the occupied parts of Cyprus.

  4. john good

    done as requested pauline but malc deleted the post with the link in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Troodo

    In any normal democracy, the perpetrators of this cheap swindle and the police involved would be named and shamed. Is the TRNC determined on a course of self-destruction. Stop shaming this State to the rest of the world and sort this out, or give up the right to self-determination and settle for anarchy.

  6. miltiades

    Troodo , once again here you go calling this pseudo state a STATE !!
    Mate this is a part of Cyprus that is occupied by Turkey .
    This mickey mouse Turkish created bordello is a lawless creation purely there for the benefit of Turkey , you and others must realize , here it is again.
    It seems to me the only recognition it has is that of the Cheapskates !

    • Malcolm Channing

      milt, wrote “The pseudo “trnc” IS NOT , I REPEAT NOT A NATION RECOGNIZED BY ANYONE IN THE WORLD.”
      come on milt, if you are going to repeat the same thing over and over again then you might as well get it right each time “… except Turkey”

  7. miltiades

    Wrong Malcolm. The recognition by Turkey of its own creation is paramount to you or I granting our selves a diploma in nuclear physics !!
    No Malcolm it does not count . the pseudo state is recognized by no nation on earth.

    • Malcolm Channing

      brilliant Milt, you’ve given us startling new information which adds immensely to your reputation, namely that Turkey does not recognise the TRNC! Wow, your credibility reaches a new level!

  8. miltiades

    By – The Washington Times
    9:43 a.m., Thursday, July 29, 2010

    Hilmi Akil’s Monday letter to the editor, “Cyprus is not Gaza,” is a shameful attempt to falsely distance the Turkish government from responsibility for May’s Gaza flotilla incidents. Of the dozens of boats that set sail for Gaza, it was only on the Mavi Marmara ferry – organized by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s terrorist-classified IHH charities – that violence occurred.

    The only internationally recognized and legal government on the island of Cyprus is the Republic of Cyprus. It was the legitimate government of Cyprus that refused involvement with the terrorists; the Mavi Marmara set sail from the Turkish-occupied port of Famagusta.

    It was honorable of Commentary writer Daniel Pipes (“Turkey in Cyprus vs. Israel in Gaza,” Opinion, July 20) to draw a comparison between Gaza and Turkish-occupied Cyprus. Whereas Israel has no illegal settlers in Gaza, Turkey has mocked international law by importing more than 150,000 illegal settlers from mainland Turkey into homes and properties stolen from Greek Cypriots by the Turkish military in the occupation that began July 20, 1974. While Israel builds schools and universities for Arabs, Turkey has pillaged; forcibly converted Cypriots; and demolished scores of Greek and Armenian schools, universities and houses of worship in Turkish-occupied Cyprus.

    Turkey’s illegal presence on Cyprus is recognized by no country except Turkey. Not content just to forcibly and illegally exploit land belonging to Greek Cypriots, Turkey shamelessly uses Turkish-occupied Cyprus to export terrorism in the region.


    Press officer, Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA)New York 

  9. miltiades

    Malcolm , I just thought that your brain might just understand the following from the article that you found ….unacceptable behaviour.
    “The only internationally recognized and legal government on the island of Cyprus is the Republic of Cyprus. ”
    Or perhaps you may allow your extreme prejudices to comprehend this :
     Turkey has mocked international law by importing more than 150,000 illegal settlers from mainland Turkey into homes and properties stolen from Greek Cypriots by the Turkish military in the occupation that began July 20, 1974. ”

    I doubt it mate you are far too gone , your hatred for the G/Cs is evident in all that you post , you and the like minded will never accept that the G/Cs dared to challenge Britain and that EOKA was a noble organization that  had every right to fight for independence and to achieve what the 80% of the Cypriot people wanted. Oh no , only the Brits had the right to resist , only the Brits could bomb to smithereens German cities , Dresden comes to mind  , only the Brits HAD THE INELABLE right to freedom , the rest of the worlds foreigners did not , because we are British !!!
    Wake up mate you are living in the past, successive British governments have let the people of this country , the UK , down their own insatiable appetite for money and expense claims is evidence of how corrupt and decadent most politicians have been since the end of WW2.

  10. Pauline Read

    Guess who has been trespassing, not me – polly needed some pics or the British press – she is so naughty.


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