Akfinans Bank “makes the Mafia look like a Benevolent Society”

Two months plus have now elapsed since the Kulaksiz 5 auction and despite their conciliatory comments in the media (there will be no evictions) Akfinans Bank Limited continue in their Rachmanlike ways. They have learned nothing; they bully and continue to intimidate helpless pensioners who have done nothing wrong.

On Friday of last week a strange car was seen at Kulaksiz 5, this time outside another empty house. Are they intending to, or have they already broken into this villa and changed the locks? Do they ever intend to follow the rule of law and obtain a Court Order legally sanctioning them to carry out these obscene acts? This time, however, I do have a photo of the car which clearly shows the registration number. The road is a cul de sac so it is difficult for any car to enter and leave unnoticed and now we have our very own ‘neighbourhood watch’.

Now let’s be realistic about just how much money Akfinans has actually parted with to try to obtain Kulaksz 5. They advanced Abdurrahman Guney and Yuksel Yilmaz the sums of £1,600 and 100,000TL, this has never been in dispute – whether they acted prudently or lawfully in doing this has always been in dispute. So they actually parted with say 104,000TL. That is ALL the money that they have ever parted with in connection with the loan. They never received a payment, the interest of 80% quarterly compound was an expectation on their part, but not a LOSS, since such a usurious rate of interest was applied making it inevitable they would not receive repayments. So in fact, Akfinans Bank claim they own Kulaksiz 5 and parted with 104,000TL for that privilege, i.e. 8,000TL per property – that makes the Mafia look like a Benevolent Society.

The Auction price is a ‘red herring’ as we all know it was money out of the BACK DOOR of the bank and money straight back in through the FRONT DOOR. It was cosmetic at best, laughable at worst. There you have it, the machinations of a Bank who expect you to trust it with your money.

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