Akfinans Bank – did they or didn’t they?

Stop the Great Bank RobberyAkfinans Bank Limited, one of the questions we would all like to know the answer to is did they or didn’t they know that the land they took as security against the mortgages in March and November 2005 was already built upon? It seems extremely strange that any lending institution having given a loan of such a paltry sum as £1,600 in March 2005, never received a repayment, then went ahead and gave another loan, this time for 100,000 TL. They never raised a single question as to the provenance of the land they were taking as security? Bear in mind that the two borrowers were already in default with the first and much smaller loan. Now they are being asked for almost 25 times as much and we are expected to believe the Bank did no checking to make sure this was a safe and proper thing to do.

To be asked to believe this raises many questions about the ethics and the stewardship this bank applies. They are the guardian of the account holders’ money and as such have a responsibility to act with care and diligence when making such loans. Yet we are being asked to believe that they just took the word of two borrowers who ‘told’ them this was just land the charge was being applied. Go on, ‘pull the other one’ springs to mind.

Now here is where things get really interesting because allegedly one of the borrowers says the Bank were made aware that there were properties built, Contracts signed by both Borrowers and in some cases, fully paid for. There were owners moving in too. Also of note, the other borrower refuses to speak with anyone from Kulaksiz 5 although his family seem to be sitting pretty, receiving none of the intimidation that the British ex-pats are being subjected too. One of them has even made additions to his property. Not I would think the act of someone who expects to be evicted. He is Osman Karaman, brother-in-law of the the Landowner Yuksel Yilmaz. The same Osman who, when I showed him a copy of the charges on the Land Registry search, was most put out, not because of the mortgages, but because of the amount. Apparently his brother-in-law lied to him, told him it was only 70,000 TL. It seemed to me that he was more concerned about having a share of only 70,000TL rather than the full 100,000TL.

I personally am convinced this is a ‘scam’ and has been a ‘scam’ from the day the first mortgage money was advanced. My concern now is that those who can right this terrible wrong come to the same conclusion

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