Akfinans Bank changes story as well as locks of auctioned property

Before I continue with more about the Bank meeting, let me acquaint you with some further sinister developments. Today, after three abortive attempts to give the Police a written statement on the happenings of Friday evening, we finally succeeded. This morning we spent over two hours at Lapta Police station giving the statements in full. This afternoon a journalist had occasion to telephone Lapta police to check on our case and was told by the police that allegations had been made by the people changing the locks that Chris had attacked the three men with a baseball bat. How strange that such an allegation rears its head AFTER we have given a statement detailing the vehicular attack on Chris. Stranger too that it should follow the front page spread in Kibris. One would think that someone attempting to harm you with any weapon would have been reported on the night it allegedly happened. What a pathetic attempt to justify the unjustifiable. Chris does not own a baseball bat. Chris has never owned a baseball bat. He did not attack them with a baseball bat or any other weapon. He did remonstrate with them and obviously would have been shaking his rather scrawny arms (sorry Chris) when doing this. Who wouldn’t under such circumstances, but to attempt to strike them, never.

Let’s go back to the suggestion that Akfinans will evict the two Turkish families and sell their houses together with the one empty house belonging to Yuksel Yilmaz. Sell Yuksel Yilmaz’s house by all means, but to make families homeless through no fault on their part is inhuman. To sell Pauline Read’s house (little old me) is jumping the gun, just as they did when they broke in and changed the locks without the legal entitlement of an eviction order. Akfinans Bank Limited do you enjoy being the most hated bank in North Cyprus?

I did point out at this meeting the figures the advocate was quoting could be well above the current market value due to the poor quality of the build and the extensive work required to bring them up to specification. The advocate then suggested to all the owners that we go away and produce reports on the state of our homes with accompanying photos, and to be sure not to exaggerate. This was how we left the meeting. Within one week of assigning this task to us and whilst we believed we were negotiating with them, they resorted to the underhand behaviour of Friday night. You now understand why keeping my word to them was not an option.

The advocate showed us recent valuations of our houses which ranged from £110,000 for a house with a pool and £100,000 for a house without a pool.  This was clearly a valuation taken from a cursory outside view and not realistic in today’s depressed market and certainly not realistic taking into account the structural state as a direct result of the poor workmanship. We had already contacted the head of the Constructors Union to enlist their support in coming up with this report.

More tomorrow..

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