Akfinan Bank’s indecent proposal to Kulaksiz 5 North Cyprus property owners

I did promise you a little more today and here it is. We were not arrested but it did come very close. I think Haluk from Ada TV had a lot to do with us not being arrested; it wouldn’t look too good to see two of the Kulaksiz 5 being carted away in handcuffs on local T.V.

As this was happening, I received a telephone call from a friend who had arranged for an influential Turkish Cypriot to accompany us to Lapta Police Station. The relief on the faces of the two policemen was comical to see, they really did not have their heart in having to arrest two bolshy pensioners. I was ready to launch into my rendition of  “we shall not be moved” but when you have to stop to find the nearest toilet, it loses its effect; age has a lot to answer for

We arrived at Lapta Police station and it really was an anti climax. Our friend launched a charm offensive and everyone was courteous and friendly to us. However in the absence of a senior officer, we have to go back on Monday.

Now I mentioned yesterday I know the identities of the 3 gentlemen (I use the term loosely) who broke into my house. The first was a locksmith, the second a Manager from Akfinans Bank Limited, the third, well I’ll keep that for later. He does read my articles, he told me as we met the previous week when a fellow member of Kulaksiz 5 and myself attended a pre arranged meeting to discuss, we thought, proposals from the Bank.

The first thing he made clear to us was that anything we discussed was not to be leaked to the press. He did however refrain from asking us to sign confidentiality notices this time. We promised and I would have kept my word had he not been the third person in our erstwhile trio. Now the gloves are off – I have freed myself from that promise or perhaps more accurately, his actions have freed me from that promise.

How do I describe this person, I think arrogance on legs will do nicely. We asked him what the bank’s proposals were and he replied ‘we have no proposals’. We were dumbstruck, my fellow K5er said that we were misinformed and had expected to be presented with a proposal which we could discuss a little and then perhaps take back to the rest of the group to consider. No, he said, there is no proposal, “what is your proposal?” Obviously he was enjoying trying to humiliate us. We repeated, we were expecting a proposal from the bank. After playing with us some more he then decided a different approach. We tried to draw him out and said could he give some indication of a figure; something for us to work on? I mentioned the £40,000 bandied about previously, to which he replied that we could forget £40,000 as it will be well in excess of that figure as the tax the bank has had to pay will add an additional £15,000 to whatever figure we come up with. This now means we are being asked to pay in excess of £55,000 per property on what had started as a 100,000 TL and £1,600 mortgage. You couldn’t make it up, could you, and there’s more… but that is for tomorrow.

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