Akfinan Bank North Cyprus property auction now in UK newspapers

Late last night I received a cutting that appeared today in the West Midlands Express and Star, our special foreign correspondent had enlisted the help of her local newspaper. Apparently it is the biggest selling evening newspaper in the Midlands. The journalist cut his teeth with the ‘big boys’ having worked on the ‘Sun’ for 26 years.

Ant and Irene used to double man a heavy duty lorry making deliveries all over Europe. They re-mortgaged their house in the U.K. to fund the purchase of their villa on Kulaksiz 5. Ant has had three unsuccessful operations for a large kidney stone and is in constant pain and discomfort. Irene had an emergency appendectomy during which it was found she had tumour. They were hoping to visit their second home in July, but later this month Irene has to have major surgery again to remove part of her bowel. In her email to me Irene said she is gutted (out of the mouths of babes and innocents). Neither of them are now able to work and are at their wits end worrying how they are going to pay the mortgage on their U.K. home.

Akfinans Bank, through your actions, not only have you taken their dream home away, but now they risk losing their U.K. home. Hang your heads in shame.


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