Afrika Gazetesi Revisits Akfinans Bank Story


I noticed yesterday that Afrika Gazetesi brought back from their archives a front page from 29th Haziran 2011, the headline “KULAKSIZIN KULAGI”. It seems they too realise that still absolutely nothing has been done by the Government to address the K5 problem or indeed any property scam problem. Afrika Gazetesi is the only Turkish newspaper with an Editor, Mr. Sener Levent, who has sufficient courage to continue to tell the truth and to name the bank, AKFINANS BANK LIMITED.

It is good that K5 have such a staunch ally in Mr. Levent. NCFP is the only other news outlet that brings news of K5 and all the other property scam victims to the notice of the public on a regular basis. Without these two news outlets drawing attention to the ongoing situation the public would be unaware and probably believe there is no problem. One cannot help wondering if this is what is behind the obvious attempt to reduce the outlets that NCFP were linked to. You could be forgiven for believing that nepotism and cronyism have gotten their tentacles on to the pages of the other STBINC page and that the administrators are playing into the hands of the Government, not least of all into the hands of the Minister of Finance, a ‘good friend’ of one of the administrators. How is keeping silent helping any of the victims? The Minister has had some, shall I say, less than favourable press coverage of late, but then when you hold high office, your skeletons will have a way of coming out of the closet.

Ms Read tells me that she was accused by the Minister’s ‘good friend’ of supplying information about him to his enemies. Ms Read says, any information she has is in the public domain and accessible by anyone, she added that it is possible his ‘good friend’ is privy to a lot more information than she is.

Now the TRNC Human Rights Foundation have publicly stated that the Kulaksiz 5 have a strong case already lodged with the ECHR. It is public knowledge that over 100 Aga victims have already approached the ECHR under the Pilot scheme. There is a case now submitted to the courts in Washington DC, also Aga related. I am told there are more case on the way to the ECHR too.

How much embarrassment can this country take?

Power to the people


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