Abuse of power in north Cyprus?

shedThis is a true story taken from Cyprus44 Forum.

Maggie and Bernie bought a shed but their Turkish Cypriot neighbour objected to its position. An official came with a mysterious document in Turkish and when they asked for a translation the grinning official told them that as they were in north Cyprus this would not be possible even though the official spoke perfect English.

Maggie and Bernie asked around for the rules about positioning a shed and could find none. Then a Lapta council official  arrived (with police) and put red and white stripe tape around the shed and a container style seal on the door. They removed them as soon as they left and almost immediately received a call to go to Lapta Police station where they were told off for removing the seal and the tape. The next day the council came round again (with police) and put more red and white striped tape round the shed and another seal on door.

Maggie and Bernie went met with the Minister of Interior Planning Officer and asked him for planning permission for the shed only to be told that for a wooden shed 2m x 4m with no foundations they didn’t need planning permission . They also found out that the neighbour was a relative of the Lapta Mayor.

Then the Council cut off their water (removed the tap & meter) because of the shed. A heated discussion in the council office followed by a visit from one of their officers resulted in them  phoning their solicitor (Naomi Mehmet) who informed the officers that this was illegal and they would issue a writ if they didn’t reinstate it. A few hours later two workmen came and replaced the tap & meter. They now have water…….but for how long? To be continued…?

Cyprus 44 – http://www.cyprus44.com/forums/24861.asp

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