Both North and South, the Cyprus Property Scams are the same

The Orams case has paled into insignificance at the sheer size of the the Property Scam problem here in the North. Now the South side is beginning to reel under the enormity of the this problem too. Alpha Bank are planning to sell at auction 8 properties mortgaged by the now bankrupt property developer Yiannis Liasides. The first round of auctions are on properties in Anarita, an area I know extremely well from my days spent in south Cyprus.

It is the same old story, the mortgages being taken without the knowledge of the purchasers and the developers never making payment. In the case of Anarita resident Diane Lloyd-Roberts, one of the victims who claims to have a personal written reassurance from Interior Minister Neoclis Sylikiotis that her property was secure, it seems we now need to reword the old saying ‘beware Greeks bearing gifts’ to ‘beware Greek Cypriot Ministers making promises’.

I do hope the Government here do not use this as yet another excuse to do nothing. We have heard claims that it is happening everywhere which, somehow in their reasoning, makes it okay for it to happen here. Wherever it is happening, it is wrong. To whoever it is happening, it is a tragedy of epic proportions. Here is a unique opportunity for the TRNC Government to show the way. I beg of them, do not let this opportunity go by.

Whatever happens, one thing is for the sure, the legal system which has helped to compound this problem is about to become rich on the fall out. The EHCR is going to be extremely busy.

Never give in, never give up

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