Kyrenia Restaurant Menus | August 2020

Kyrenia Restaurant Menus - August 2020With the Turkish Lira creeping towards 10TL to £1, we thought we’d publish some Kyrenia Restaurant Menus for August 2020. Unsurprisingly there were not many to be found online and where there was a menu prices were often missing. This is one of the impacts of a potential 10% TL devaluation in 7 days.

First we tried TripAdvisor’s top 10 rated Kyrenia restaurants and found no menus with prices for any of them. So, we looked at the rest and found the following:

#13 Courtyard Inn – ‘Not to be missed is our traditional Sunday roast served from 12 noon. Two courses for 45TL. Lamb Kleftiko with mash 50TL. Also available for dinner.’

#20The Ambiance – extensive priced menu

In the end we gave up. One warning, don’t sit down and order a drink before seeing the menu as you may find you’ll be the customers that are charged a fortune in order help the restaurant make up for their 2020 Covid loss of income.


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