Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank | The Final Judgement


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Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank – The Final Judgement

The die is cast. All the evidence giving and cross examination has taken place at Girne District court.

My understanding is that now Mr Kursat (acting for Akfinans Bank) will submit his final statement to the Judge within 10 days, this will be followed by K5’s advocate giving his final statement in writing to the Judge within 5 days after Mr Kursat’s has been submitted.

My understanding is that upon receipt of these statements, Judge Usar will deliberate and then come to his decision. I can only say that based upon past experience this decision will be given in open court, so another date will be issued for this.

I think we can safely assume that whichever side loses, there will be an Appeal. So the fat lady is not yet ready to sing. Whether, after the Appeal, her song is final or a prelude to K5 appearing in Strasbourg will of course depend on the final outcome in the TRNC.

I am sure the meat that goes on the bones of this very limited report will appear in Cyprus Today on Saturday. I am of course as in the dark about that, until then, as you are.
Pauline Read

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