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Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank – As Safe as Houses

So much has been written about the K5 case, you would think there could be no more left to say, well when the case is complete, I guess there will be no more. This incident goes back to March 2011, when the bank were readying my villa for their occupation, having taken it by dubious means on the 30th July 2010.

Kulaksiz 5, close up and personal
Sunday, March 13, 2011 by Name & Address Supplied

Following yesterday’s debacle at Kulaksiz 5 and the police allowing my neighbour’s house to have the locks, which were changed by A Bank Limited then changed back, Agile and I decided to visit and test the waters there.

The gates were open so we drove into our own driveway. It was pretty clear that work was going on there. Indeed we observed a Turkish man in a bobble hat gesticulating to us from the patio of the house next door, the house that was said to have been given to the landowner, together with two other houses now occupied by his family, as payment for the land by Kulaksiz Construction Limited. It is important to remember that these three houses are on the land of one of the two Kocans A Bank were given as security for the loans totalling 104,000TL in 2005. Loans which reached a staggering 2,000,077 TL by June 2010 thanks to the ridiculous style interest rate of 80% per quarter compound levied by A Bank Limited. I ask you to remember this because I will refer back to it later in this article.

We got out of the car and entered the villa through the patio window. There was a man in the living room plastering over the cracks there. I have to say, he did not say a word to us. I took some photos and then the gesticulating man arrived. He started shouting at us in Turkish and though we did not understand a word he said, clearly he was ordering us to leave. When we got into the garden, he started pushing and shoving Chris and saying Police. Chris offered him his phone to call the Police, he had his own phone and did call someone, I do not think it was the Police, probably his task masters. A neighbour then joined us and as I could see it was about to turn really ugly, I urged our neighbour and Agile to leave. This is what we did, but not before I had taken some photos. At one point I thought the aggressive Turk was going to take my camera.

Now I return to the subject of the Landowner, but more particularly his family. Yuksel Yilmaz has been asked to sign an Affadvit confirming that the Bank knew all the villas were sold but still went ahead and advanced the mortgage money. He has refused. Now you might think, well why would he admit to that, but if you consider the alternative his refusal to sign points to this, he deliberately withheld information from the Bank that there were houses built and sold on the plot he was offering as security and the Bank negligently failed to check the provenance of that security. In effect, by failing to sign the Affadvit he is admitting to being party to a premeditated fraud in the collusion with Abdurrahman Guney who signed the loan agreement and Yuksel YIlmaz acted as Guarantor. It is my personal opinion that this is not what happened. I believe, Yuksel Yilmaz, and E K, Manager of the Girne Branch of A Bank, conspired together over this loan. Both have told me that they were best friends. I further believe that the reason Yuksel Yilmaz will not sign this Affadavit is that his family are going to be allowed to keep their houses. They certainly do not seem at all concerned about what is happening, indeed I took a photo of a pergola that has just been added to the house of Yuksel Yimaz’s sister and brother-in-law, Hatice and Osman Karaman. Why, if you believe you could lose your house would you make any improvements to it? I am not accusing anyone of anything, just sharing my personal thoughts and opinions with you.

Clearly we are by no means near the end of this tale which has more twists turns than any fictional novel”

The landowner Yuksel Yilmaz’s house:

Yuksel Yilmaz house

The house occupied by Yuksel Yilmaz’s sister and brother in law; Hatice and Osman Karaman but still in the name of Yuksel Yilmaz:

Osman Karaman driveway

Yuksel Yilmaz who works for Pegasus Airlines as Manager at the airport in Hatay Turkey:


What can you say about a man who would deliberately put the homes of pensioners at risk, knowing that when he took the mortgage from A Bank he had already sold the property he was allowing to be taken as security against the loan.

Abdurrahman Gunney the other signatory to this fraudulent transaction and a former Director of Kulaksiz Construction Limited:

abdurrahman guney in red

So some of the rogues gallery and their ‘booty’ is shown here. There is another house in which lives Yilmaz’s sister in law, her husband and his neice and nephew. This house is still in the name of Yuksel Yilmaz.

All three houses were given to the landowner Yuksel Yilmaz by Kulaksiz Construction Limited as payment for his land and to this day, no one can understand why A Bank did not use these three houses as security against such a small loan.

Will the truth ever be told?

Never give in never give up

Pauline Read

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